What is the Pitstop challenge?

The Pitstop Challenge is a unique and exciting test of ultimate team work that will leave your employees working as one.

The Pitstop Challenge is a great way to demonstrate the importance of team work – as part of a fun corporate event, or a team building exercise within the workplace, the experience covers all aspects in a unique, diverse and challenging environment.

With the world of Formula One becoming ever more exclusive it is nearly impossible to get up close and personal with a current Formula One car, and with that in mind our Pit Stop Challenge uses up to date, safe equipment and REAL Formula One cars for every event

The Pitstop challenge can be utilized in many different ways:

  • Race day entertainment for the public at F1 race weekends
  • Management training ‘breakout exercise’
  • Team building
  • Corporate days
  • Conference ‘opener’ to demonstrate the importance of teamwork
  • As part of a promotional campaign